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Slab Leaks

Slab leaks

A slab leak is a term used generally for a leak occurring in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. If the leak is above the floor they are known as pinhole leaks.
Usually slab leaks are caused by many factors: reaction between water and copper pipes, old-age pipes, bad installation, too much soldering flux, concrete contact, rocks and so on.

The first step is to find where the leak is. Sometimes the signs of a leak are not exactly in the same place where the leak is.

Locating leaks non-destructively requires the use of modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. With the proper equipment, leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property. In many cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced.

Located the leak through instruments that our skilled plumbers use, we need to repair it.

Usually there are different options how to repair the leak:

  • Spot repair: open up the slab at the spot of the leak and repair leaking pipe. This option is cost effective for newer construction.
  • Repipe or Reroute: replace the entire line that was leaking. This is most effective for older plumbing systems that have a history of leaking.
  • Epoxy pipe coating: in-place pipe coating is applied through the inside of plumbing. This is mostly prescribed for a system that has a series of small leaks rendering the normal repair cost prohibitive or if it is too inconvenient to dig up the slab.

We will discuss with you about the best options and the different costs, in order to take together to take the best decision.

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