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We perform Video Inspections to your plumbing system.

Video pipe inspection involves the use of a tool called a video snake. It is a small camera attached to a long, thin wire. The wire, with the camera on the end, is fed down into your plumbing system. The video feed is displayed on a screen where the plumber can control video camera. This lets us get up close and personal with every inch of your plumbing system. We can find out exactly where any problem is and pinpoint its location. We can also see the type of clog that is in your pipes so we know how to move forward from there.

What Type Of Problems Can You Detect With Video Camera Inspection?
Video camera pipe inspection can be used for almost any kind of plumbing problem. Here are just a few of them.

  • Broken or collapsed pipe
    With a camera in the plumbing system, we’ll be able to see exactly where any pinches or breaks are in your pipes.
  • Rust or corrosion
    Our plumbers will be able to see exactly which parts of your plumbing has become corroded or rusted out. Using this information we can more precisely target our efforts to fix it.
  • Root clogs
    If a tree or bush has wedged its roots into your pipes, we’ll definitely be able to see where that has happened and how extensive the damage is.
  • Sunken pipes
    Sometimes, in certain soil conditions, your pipes can actually sag because the soil is so soft. This creates a valley where debris, paper and waste can collect and form a clog.
  • Leaks
    Leaking pipes are a huge problem for many home owners. Sometimes, the location of the leak is hard to determine. With video pipe inspection, our plumbers can find out exactly where it is.

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