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Re-Routing and Re-piping

Re-Routing and Re-piping

Re-piping is when a plumber replaces your old pipes or bypasses them with a new water system.
Why do you need a re-piping?

Usually the main reason is that you have old water pipes in your home. For instance the galvanized water pipes will being to rust as they get older and your water can even change color. This is one of the first sign that you need a re-pipe. 
Rust in fact can cause also a reduction in water pressure from your faucet.

Another example could be PB pipes or Polybutylene pipes. They are old pipes used in the past. Those pipes degrade and leak over time. It takes some years, usually 10-15, but in old houses this can happen often.
Re-piping process replaces all your old pipes and guarantee you that your water system will be back to maximum efficiency.

Re-routing is when you change the routing of your pipes. This is necessary often if you add or move a faucet or a sink.

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